The result was a series of designs inspired by vintage travel posters. We created posters, tags, magnets, print ads, email blasts and other collateral. See the work above.

Trident Seafoods is a company that was founded on hard work and dedication. They demand a higher standard when it comes to their finished product. So, when Trident calls, we know it's time to roll up our sleeves, get busy & create timeless work.

Trident was looking for a way to promote new, regional flavor offerings at their largest trade show. They wanted to visually blend the culture and taste of each region, so ACDG went to work.


Trident does its fair share of trade shows around the world and we often get to create, design and execute the deliverables. With every opportunity, our goal is to be fresh, relevant and draw visitors into Trident's show booth experience.

Included: Branding, iconography,
                 web and print

Creating a branding system for a whole new division is exciting. Here we created a system to communicate with the wholesale medical sector. Tasked with several deliverables, this project evolved into a simple, more digital style format. Most of the materials were created to be swiftly edited and redistributed via email and on the web.



Trident Seafoods pet food offering, Alaska Naturals, was ready for a new look and brand. They wanted a contemporary approach and had specific needs in terms of hierarchy messaging. The brand mark ACDG created met all of the above criteria. We've also done a bunch of packaging ideas, of which we expect one or two directions to be selected soon. Exciting!

Packaging in final development.


Many local sports teams issue a call for sponsorship, Trident Seafoods, being a generous company, partakes in sponsoring The King's Knights and Bellevue Wolverines. They gave us the opportunity to create those print ad materials.